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Nagoya Institute of Technology
Gokiso, Showa, Nagoya 466-8555, JAPAN
<Welcome party> 2022.5.17
Baranitharan-san joined our group.  

<Graduation> 2022.3.26
Congratulations! Kondo-kun, Nagasaka-kun, Hu-kun, Kamimura-kun, Kadoya-kun, Kobayashi-kun, Ota-kun, and Takeuchi-kun  

<Poster award> 2021.11.19
Congratulations! Nagasaka-kun received the poster award at 11th ionic liquid symposium. 

<Graduation> 2021.3.26
Congratulations! Toyama-kun, Maeno-kun, Kondo-kun, Isogai-kun, Okano-kun, Ono-kun, and Nakagawa-kun 

<Graduation> 2020.3.27
Matsumoto-kun, Shibano-kun, and Ikegaya-kun left our lab.

<Year-end Party> 2020.12.23
The last party before Covid-19

<Welcome party> 2019.11.27
Okano-kun, Ono-kun, and Nakagawa-kun joined our group.

<Tokai branch conference@Matsumoto> 2019.11.10 / <Ionic Liquids Symposium@Osaka> 2019.11.22
Oral presentation by Isogai-kun, Kondo-kun, Maeno-kun, and Toyama-kun at Tokai branch conference. Poster presentation by Matsumoto-kun and Maeno-kun at IL Symposium.

<Okinawa Colloids@Naha> 2019.11.6
Poster presentation by Ikegaya-kun and Matsumoto-kun.

<Pottery making@takahama> 2019.6.30
Experienced pottery making at "Kawara"-museum in order to have our japanese sake cups.  Our ex-members, Inagaki-kun and Kobayashi-kun, joined the event.

<Drinking Party> 2019.5.20
Congratulations on finishing the "job-hunting" to Ikegaya-kun and Matsumoto-kun. Our ex-member, Inagaki-kun, joined the party:)

<Graduation Party> 2019.3.27
Inagaki-kun, Kobayashi-kun, and Shibamura-kun left our lab. Toyama-kun, welcome back!

<Year-end Party> 2018.12.21
with Takada-sensei

<10th APC at Taipei> 2018.12.16-20
bowling and drinking

<Welcome party> 2018.11.6
bowling and drinking

<Tokai branch meeting> 2018.11.3
Oral presentation by Ikegaya-kun and Matsumoto-kun

<Ionic liquid meeting> 2018.10.30
Shibamura-kun received the poster award.

<Interim presentation of undergraduate thesis> 2018.10.10
by B4 Isogai-kun, Kondo-kun, and Maeno-kun

<ECSJ fall meeting@Kanazawa> 2018.9.25
Oral presentation by Inagaki-kun, Kobayashi-kun, and Shibamura-kun.

<BBQ Party@Tsurumai> 2018.7.18
Beers and then japanese sake as usual.

<Farewell Party for Toyama-kun @hana-chan> 2018.4.2
he will be back next year..

<Graduation Ceremony Party> 2018.3.26

<NITech Vice President Award> 2018.2.21
Mr. Inagai was awarded for his research work in 2017

<Sky trip> 2018.1.7
@Washigatake sky resort

<Tokai branch conference> 2017.11.12
@Gifu University

<Welcome party for B3> 2017.11.1

<Japanese-sake party> 2017.10.11

<Interim presentation of undergraduate thesis> 2017.10.4

<BBQ & mini Golf @Aiboku> 2017.7.22
summer short trip

<After entrance exam.> 2017.7.3
with okonomiyaki

<2nd FRIMS symposium> 2017.5.11
Inagaki-kun received the poster award.

<Cherry Blossom Viewing @Tsuruma park> 2017.4.3
New academic year has begun with BBQ

<ECSJ spring meeting> 2017.3.25
Poster presentation by Inagaki-kun

<Party after graduation ceremony> 2017.3.23
with members of Fine Measurement Program

<Presentation of undergraduate thesis> 2017.2.22
Inagaki-kun, Kobayashi-kun, and Shibamura-kun

<Year-end party> 2016.12.19
Tako-Yaki in our office.

<1st FRIMS symposium> 2016.12.8
Shibamura-kun received the poster award.

<Welcome party for B3> 2016.11.7

<Interim presentation of undergraduate thesis> 2016.10.5

<End of semester party@koyo-en> 2016.7.25
Mongolian BBQ with beer.

<13th GREEN symposium@NIMS> 2016.6.22
Dr. Sato received the GREEN long-term RA award.

<Cherry Blossom Viewing> 2016.3.28
@Tsuruma park

<"1st" farewell party> 2016.2.22
@hana-chan as usual

<Year-end and birthday party> 2015.12.3
With Kobayashi-sensei(URA)


<Welcome party for B3> 2015.11.5
At "hana-chan" with japanese sake after playing bowling

<Welcome party for Motobayashi-sensei> 2015.10.19
w/ Nagoya foods

<ISE@Taipei> 2015.10.4-9
Oral and poster presentations at the international meeting