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Nagoya Institute of Technology
Gokiso, Showa, Nagoya 466-8555, JAPAN
About the Group

We are interested in physical and chemical phenomena emerging at surfaces and interfaces, with an emphasis on energy technology.  Using optical spectroscopy and electrochemistry, we investigate surface structures and functions on the atomic and molecular-scale. 

We are associated with Frontier Research Institute for Materials Science (FRIMS) and Department of Physical Science and Engineering at Nagoya Institute of Technology (NITech).

We welcome graduate and undergraduate students interested in spectroscopy, electrochemistry and surface science.  A postdoc position is also available.  

Lab News:
2021.3.26 Toyama-kun, Isogai-kun, Kondo-kun, Maeno-kun left our lab.
2020.11.26 Our paper (Inagaki et al.) was selected for the journal cover.
2020.10.26 Undergraduate students (Hu-kun, Kamimura-kun, Ohta-kun, Kadoya-kun, Kobayashi-kun from Psys. Sic. Eng., and Ikuta-kun, Takeuchi-kun from Creative Eng.) joined the group
2020.9.14 Our paper (Inagaki and Isogai et al.) was selected for the journal cover.
2020.8.21 Our paper (Kobayashi et al.) was selected for the journal cover.
2020.3.26 Ikegaya-kun, Matsumoto-kun, and Shibano-kun left our lab.
2019.11.6-22 Poster presentation by M2 at Okinawa Colloids, Oral by M1 at Tokai branch conference, Poster at IL Symposium
2019.10.21 Undergraduate students (Mr. Okano, Mr. Ono, Mr. Nakawaga) joined the group
2019.6.30 PotteryMaking at Takahama
2019.5.20 Drinking party for M2 (Ikegaya-kun and Matsumoto-kun) with ex-member Inagaki-kun
2019.3.27 Graduation party for B4 and M2
2018.12.21 Year-end party with Takada-sensei
2018.12.16-20 Poster presentation at 10th APC (Taipei) by Inagaki-kun and Kobayashi-kun
2018.11.6 Welcome party for B3
2018.11.3 Oral presentation by M1 at Chubu branch fall meeting
2018.10.30 Shibamura-kun received the poster award at Ionic liquid symposium
2018.10.15 Undergraduate students (Mr. Toshi. Kondo, Mr. Shibano, Mr. Nagasaka) joined the group
2018.10.10 Interim presentation of undergraduate thesis
2018.9.25 Oral presentation by M2 at ECSJ fall meeting
2018.7.18 BBQ party
2018.4.2 Farewell party for Toyama-kun who is going to join one-year international internship program
2018.3.26 Graduation party for B4 students
2018.2.21 Mr. Inagai obtained NITech Vice President Award for Graduate Students 2017
2018.2.19 Presentation of undergraduate thesis
2018.2.1-2 Prof. Eric Borguet (Temple Univ.) and Prof. Bin Ren (Xiamen Univ.) visited our lab.
2018.1.7 Sky trip
2017.12.19 Year-end party
2017.11.12 Oral presentations by M1 at Tokai branch conference
2017.11.1 Welcome party for B3
2017.10.23 Undergraduate students (Mr. Isogai, Mr. Kondo, Mr. Maeno) joined the group
2017.10.11 Japanese sake party
2017.10.4 Interim presentation of undergraduate thesis
2017.7.22 BBQ party & mini golf
2017.5.15-16 Prof. Dan Scherson (Case Western Reserve Univ.) visited our lab.
2017.5.11 Inagaki-kun received the poster award at 2nd FRIMS symposium
2017.4.3 BBQ party under cherry blossoms
2017.3.25 ECSJ spring meeting
2017.2.22 Presentation of undergraduate thesis
2016.12.19 Year-end party
2016.12.8 Shibamura-kun received the poster award at 1st FRIMS symposium
2016.11.7 Welcome party for B3
2016.10.25 New members joined us (Mr. Ikegaya, Mr. Toyama, Mr. Matsumoto).
2016.10.5 Interim presentation of undergraduate thesis
2016.7.28 End of semester party
2016.6.22 Dr. Sato received the NIMS-GREEN long-term RA award
2016.3.1-2 Prof. Magnussen (Univ. of Kiel) visited our lab.
2016.2.22 "1st" farewell party :)
2016.2.4 Our paper was selected as a front cover in JPC C
2015.12.3 Year-end and birthday party
2015.11.5 Welcome party for three young guys
2015.10.26 Three undergraduate students (Mr. Inagaki, Mr. Kobayashi, Mr. Shibamura) joined the group
2015.10.13 ISE meeting at Taipei
2015.10.1 Dr. Motobayashi joined the group
2015.9.17 The website is open
2015.4.1 We joined NITech

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